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Bartholomew Balderdash and the Kindness Machine Ages 6-9


Embark on a heartwarming journey with Bartholomew Balderdash and his pet chinchilla, Chi Chi. In "The Kindness Machine," Bartholomew aims to restore kindness to the kingdom with his invention. Through the smallest acts, he learns that kindness makes the biggest impact. 🚀 Seven-Way Story Elements: 1-READ: E-Book Delve into the original fairytale filled with kindness, inventions, and teamwork. View as a flipbook or download the PDF. 2-WATCH: Video Story Experience the enchanting tale through animation, narration, and music. A delightful mini-movie for budding storytellers. 3-LISTEN: Audiobook Let the full cast recording bring emotions to life, enhancing comprehension and visualization through "mind movies." 4-TELL: Puppet Kit & Script Printable puppets and a script for puppet shows, plays, or reader's theater. Blend Emotional Intelligence with creative expression. 5-WRITE: Writing Guide A 1-2-3 guide introduces story elements, inspiring kids to craft their fairytales inspired by Bartholomew Balderdash. 6-CRAFT: SMARTS & CRAFT Kindness Catchers Craft Video "Capture" kindness in a fun project, blending game and craft. Encourage creativity and discussions about empathy. 7-TASTE: No-Bake Cupcakes Recipe Video Create kindness-themed cupcakes inspired by Chef Cannoli's treats. A delightful, no-bake recipe adding a dash of STEM. 📝 Summary: Join Bartholomew Balderdash on a unique Seven-Way Story Adventure. Engage through E-Book, Video, Audiobook, Puppet Kit, Writing Guide, Craft, and Recipe. Explore the magic of kindness, fairy tales, and teamwork. Each element boosts Emotional Intelligence, sparks creativity, and nurtures essential skills. Ideal for ages 6-9, this adventure is a versatile educational tool for various audiences, including homeschoolers, co-ops, parents, teachers, librarians, and grandparents.

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