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Fly on the Wall Investigations: An Empathy Mystery | Ages 6-9


Embark on a thrilling journey with Arthur C. Doyle, a Private Fly unraveling mysteries through emotions. In "The Case of the Empathy Empanada," Arthur and Stella Spider tackle a vanished empanada, using empathy, inventions, and humor to guide young readers into understanding feelings. 🚀 Seven-Way Story Elements: 1-READ: E-Book Immerse in the full-color E-Book, exploring empathy, inventions, feelings, body language, and friendship. 2-WATCH: Video Story Experience the animated adventure through a captivating mini-movie, capturing empathy, inventions, feelings, and friendship. 3-LISTEN: Audiobook Engage with a full cast, unraveling clues and nurturing empathy, enhancing reading comprehension. 4-TELL: Puppet Show & Kit Act out the story with printable puppets, fostering an interactive exploration of empathy and friendship. 5-WRITE: Write a Story Guide Empower kids to craft mystery stories, discussing empathy and friendship, boosting emotional intelligence and literacy skills. 6-MAKE: Craft Feelings Finder Machine Join crafting fun with a video guiding kids in creating their Feelings Finder Machine, sparking discussions about feelings, body language, and empathy. 7-TASTE: No-Bake Bug Bites Recipe Delight in creating bug bite treats with a no-bake recipe video, injecting STEM concepts into the adventure. 📝 Summary: "FLY ON THE WALL INVESTIGATIONS: The Case of the Empathy Empanada" offers a unique Seven-Way Story Adventure for children aged 6-9. Explore empathy, inventions, feelings, body language, and friendship through E-Book, Video, Audiobook, Puppet Kit, Writing Guide, Craft, and Recipe, turbocharging reading, writing, and imagination adventures.

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