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Bonus: Sign up by June 1, 2024 for 3 or 12 months…  get 1 free month access for preparation.

Public Library Pricing

This pricing is for public libraries and school libraries. Programs and pricing for individuals, classrooms, and homeschools will be coming soon! 

Library Service Population: Up to 20,000

Library Service Population: 20,000-50,000

Library Service Population: 50,000-150,000

Library Service Population: 150,000-250,000

How it Works

All Branch Subscriptions include full, unlimited access to all of the Adventures and Content in our Adventure Library. This includes our Seven-Way Stories with virtual shows, video stories, ebooks, audiobooks, crafts, recipes, puppet kits, field trips, games, reader’s theater scripts, and more. There are more than 100 activities and others are on the way! 


1. Three  month and 12 month subscribers who purchase by June 1, 2024 will automatically receive a bonus of 1 additional month for planning.


2. Patron Access:

  • With a 3 or 12 month branch subscription, you can give an unlimited number of patrons unlimited access to our Adventure Library to use during the first 3 months of your subscription. A promo code will be provided. There is no extra charge for this feature.

  • With a 12 month subscription you may extend Patron Access to 12 months for the additional charge listed above.

  • Patron access begins with a promo code that you will receive after your subscription is activated. You pass the promo code out to an unlimited number of patrons. Patrons go to and sign up for a subscription. When asked to pay they enter your promo code and the charge will be zero. After that your Patrons sign in at our site and access our content just as though they were individual paying customers. 

  • Can I give the PDF downloads to my patrons?
    Absolutely! You can download, copy, and share the puppet kits, craft and recipe directions, coloring sheets, writing activities, games, etc.
  • Is this for online use or use in the library?
    Yes and…yes. The program works incredibly well for in-library programming. It can also be shared in closed Facebook Groups and via zoom.
  • Will you perform a live show for my library?
    Unfortunately, we’re not planning any live library shows for this summer.
  • How do I get Statistics?
    The statistics that are available this year are different from last year. This year, we’re putting you in the driver’s seat so it will be easier for you to manage your statistics. If you use the programming for in-library programs, you can manually count the number of participants (or however you usually gather those stats). For a Zoom event, you can see how many people accessed the Zoom event. For a closed Facebook group you should be able to access your stats via Facebook. For Patron Access, we can tell you the number of people who used the promo code assigned to your branch but no other info about usage.
  • Do you have books to go along with the programs?
    Yes, so far FIVE of the fifteen adventures have physical books that can be purchased from Amazon by visiting Many of the adventures have E-books with more on the way.
  • Will your program be available on Beanstack and/or Readsquared?
    No, BUT we can give you permission to manually put our content into Beanstack or Readsquared for the length of your subscription.
  • Will you provide a craft supply list?
    Every craft has a PDF handout that you can download with the needed supplies for that craft listed along with instructions.
  • Other questions?
  • Can I share the login info with patrons?
    No, but you can give them a free subscription with a promo code that we will provide. A three-month free subscription for patrons is included with the three-month and twelve-month subscriptions. Patron subscriptions can be extended to twelve months for an additional fee.
  • I’m a parent, not a librarian. Is the pricing the same for me?
    Nope! We have pricing for individuals, schools, and homeschools!
  • How is this different from past Page Turner Summer Programs?
    With some subscriptions, you can offer an unlimited number of your patron’s free, full access to our content for their personal use at no additional charge to anyone. We’re providing more than FIFTEEN separate adventures with at least SEVEN activities per adventure (and more are on the way!) instead of just 4, 6, or 8 weeks of content. You’ll have access to more than 100 activities and you can choose a subscription that lets you use the content when it best fits your needs. You can choose to access the Adventure Library for 1, 3, or 12 months AND if you subscribe for 3 or 12 months before July 1, 2024, you get a bonus month at the start of your subscription for planning! The programming includes both new content and favorites from the past. We’re giving you more content at a lower price. PLUS it’s easier than ever to use the programming for in-person events. But you can also share it online via a closed FB group or zoom (or zoom like technology).
  • Does this go along with the CSLP and iRead themes?
    YES! Hey, our motto has always been When you READ, Every Day is an Adventure! Many of our programs also work really well for the iRead theme. We love stories about conservation and the environment. The Ocean’s Got Talent is about caring for the ocean and self-esteem. In fact, self-improvement is baked into all of our content.
  • Can I download the videos?
    No downloading is permitted except for preview videos, promotional content videos, uploads to Beanstack and ReadSquared. (You can download the PDFs.)
  • Do you provide a Media Kit?
    Yes, we’ll have a mini-media kit with graphics you can share on social media or adapt yourself in Canva. We’ll also give you a press release template.
  • Is there a guarantee?
    Yes and it’s a 100% GUARANTEE. During the first 7 days of your activated subscription you may request a full refund by emailing
  • Can I embed the videos on my website?
    Yes. We can provide you with embed codes for specific adventures for an added fee of $15 per adventure. Embedded videos can stay on your website while your subscription is active.
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