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Emotional Intelligence Soars!

Page Turner’s Library of Adventures is filled with crafts and activities that promote kindness, empathy, friendship, cooperation and more. 

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Your subscription grants you access to our library of curated adventures, eBooks, video stories, audiobooks, puppet kits, writing guides, crafts, and recipes, offering a multi-sensory storytelling experience. Unlock Endless Learning Adventures for Ages 4-9.

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Page Turner’s Storyology Library

Take a sneak peek at what's on the horizon, as we continue to add new stories and adventures to our ever-expanding library.

In Library

Moth & Sloth Best Friends Forever

Coming Soon

Myrtle Over the Moon

Coming Soon

The Smallest Show on Earth

In Library

Bartholomew Balderdash

Coming Soon

20,000 Books Under the Sea Episode 1

Coming Soon

Everglades Adventure

In Library

Fly on the Wall Investigations

Coming Soon

20,000 Books Under the Sea Episode 2

Coming Soon

Sofa Safari

In Library

The Great Pizza Contest

Coming Soon

20,000 Books Under the Sea Episode 3

Coming Soon

Captain Book's Pirate Adventure

In Library

The Mixed Up Fairy Tale

Coming Soon

20,000 Books Under the Sea Episode 4

Coming Soon

The Ocean's Got Talent


Meet our Emmy Winning Creator & Host

Hey there! I’m Jill Ross Nadler aka Storyologist Page Turner and I love sharing my passion for stories with kids.  I’ve performed story theater shows internationally, had an Emmy Award Winning children’s TV show, created craft videos and workshops for librarians, and written books for kids. In fact, I grew up telling stories with my Mom who’s also a professional storyteller. (We’re kind of the Judds of storytelling.)

I believe stories, in any format, have the power to change the world. They allow us to step into the hearts and minds of others, instilling empathy and compassion. They also inspire imagination and creativity, the most powerful forces on the planet…but that’s another story.

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Jill Ross Nadler
Creator & Host

  • For what age(s) is Page Turner Adventures recommended?
    Page Turner Adventures is designed to captivate and educate children ages 4-9. Our content, crafted by educational and storytelling experts, is tailored to spark the imaginations of young learners, making it perfect for kids who are beginning their journey into reading, writing, and creative expression.
  • Who is Page Turner Adventures?
    Page Turner Adventures is an innovative educational platform that brings a digital library of interactive stories and adventures directly to children. As a vibrant hub for learning and creativity, Page Turner Adventures enriches its catalogue monthly, introducing new and engaging content designed to inspire young minds. Through a blend of reading, videos, crafting, and more, it offers a comprehensive approach to education that encourages reading, creativity, and critical thinking skills, making learning an exciting adventure every month.
  • Who can I contact for support?
    Our customer support team is available to assist with any questions or issues you may encounter you can reach us at:
  • How do I sign up for Page Turner Adventures?
    To sign up, visit the Page Turner Adventures website and choose the subscription plan that best fits your needs. Follow the prompts to create an account and gain access to our library of interactive stories and adventures.
  • What happens if I need to cancel?
    You can cancel your subscription at any time through your account settings. Upon cancellation, you'll retain access to your subscription until the end of your current billing cycle.
  • How can I manage my subscription?
    You can manage your subscription through your account settings on the Page Turner Adventures website. This includes upgrading or downgrading your plan, updating billing information, and viewing your subscription status. You can also contact us via email at
  • Where can I access Page Turner Adventures?
    Page Turner Adventures content can be accessed directly through our website. Our platform is designed for easy navigation, allowing children and educators to explore a vast library of stories, videos, and activities. For more information on accessing our content and to start your adventure, visit the Page Turner Adventures website.

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