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Easy Beach Bag Craft

☀️Heading to the beach this summer? You’re gonna need an awesome waterproof bag to carry–what else?--BOOKS! 📚

😎Bonus points if you make it yourself! 

(BTW, this was shot in a library. The overhead lighting is a little dark, but you’ll get the idea.)

This duct tape beach bag is one of my all-time favorite projects from the Creative Literacy Web Series I did a few years back, an offshoot of the in-person Summer Reading Program workshops I used to do for librarians throughout Florida, Louisiana, and New York. Every project was somehow related to books...‘cause that’s how I roll! 

FYI-Back then, I used my alias, Riley Roam. Yes, I have a lot of aliases. 😆

This project is fun for ALL AGES. Seriously! If you’ve ever tried to make things from duct tape before and wanted to throw up your hands in disgust because the tape was hard to work with OR you wanted to throw up your hands but you couldn’t because they were suddenly taped to your knees, I’ve got you covered. No, not in duct tape, I’ve got you covered in…garbage bags! Wait, that doesn’t sound much better. 🤔

Here’s the deal, this bag uses garbage bags as the base. That's where you stick the duct tape which makes it sooooo much easier. Check out the video and let me know if you give it a try.

Have fun and stick with it. 🤣

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