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Earth Day Craft: Make Moai (Easter Island Heads) from Detergent Bottles

I see faces everywhere.

Car grills…wall sockets…mailboxes… laundry detergent bottles!

Does this happen to you too? If so, you will especially enjoy this project where you turn detergent bottles into moai aka Easter Island heads! 

This is a fun project for Earth Day and a great way to keep detergent bottles out of landfills. Check out the video below. This version uses shoe polish, but I would suggest substituting black watercolor paint if you’re working with younger kids.

This is also a fun SRP project for the Adventures Begins at Your Library theme AND the Read, Renew, Repeat theme. Pair it with a non-fiction book about the Moai because...

When You Read Everyday is an Adventure.

BTW: It turns out this phenomenon of seeing faces in things is called pareidolia. 

It’s actually a really fun imagination-stretching exercise for kids (and adults!). Try walking around your house (or school or library or office) looking for things looking back at you. Bonus points if you make up a story about it.

PS: For more fun projects and Summer Reading Program activities, check out

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