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Fly on the Wall Investigations: Thanksgiving Detective Game

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving! This is my absolute favorite holiday. I love the flavors (I'm pro pumpkin spice btw). The smells. And the time with family. Although let's be honest, sometimes things can get a little quiet when everyone seems especially thankful for

Want to end those awkward silences while everyone waits to gobble up the goodies?

How about this instead? Use that time to enjoy storytelling with a detective as you all play the fun game Fly on the Wall Investigations: Thanksgiving Detective Game.

(Yes, I know storytelling is my answer to everything, but this game really is fun and will get everyone talking, laughing, and sharing.)

FLY ON THE WALL INVESTIGATIONS is a story about a Private Fly named Arthur C. Doyle and his partner Stella, a jumping spider. This game is inspired by the questions Arthur and Stella might use to interrogate shady characters. Instead of suspects, however, kids will be interviewing shady guests. Their goal isn’t to catch a culprit, but rather to catch a good story before it flies away.


Guests are divided into teams of two (three or four is fine if necessary). This works best when kids are paired with adults. The kids then pretend to be a detective, asking questions of the adult. The idea is to get the other person talking and sharing stories! Kids can write down their answers, then everyone can share the stories at the dinner table.

GO HERE for a printable sheet with more questions. Feel free to add your own.

Gobble ‘til you wobble and have a great Thanksgiving!


FLY ON THE WALL INVESTIGATIONS is one of our Seven-Way Story Adventures where kids experience one story 7 ways. They can READ, WATCH, LISTEN, TELL, WRITE, CRAFT, and TASTE the Story!

FLY ON THE WALL INVESTIGATIONS paperback book is available on Amazon.

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