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Sea Turtle Story-Blast from the Past

Updated: Jun 27

Telling stories to kids is in my blood, literally. My mom was and is the most amazing storyteller. Years ago, she invented a technique to teach kids movement through stories called Motion Potion. It’s a wildly creative, totally interactive way to engage kids in a story. 

This is the VHS she produced in the 80’s (that’s my sister and brother on the cover along with some other kids. I got to be IN the video). 

Our living room was the Motion Potion Studio with classes and eventually, birthday parties held every weekend (until she bought a place down the road that became the magical Motion Potion house!). 

So I was super excited when I recently got a chance to do a little Motion Potion on the PBS KidVision set with Miss Penny. I’m doing the turtle story my mom created many moons ago. I turned it into a sea turtle story to fit the theme of the episode. 

It’s fun to do with kids and a great way to celebrate National Sea Turtle Day which…was last week. Oh, well. Really, shouldn’t every day be Sea Turtle Day?

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