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The Adventure includes 1 Mini-Movie & 6 Activities.

In this a-moooozing inter-active musical Myrtle the Cow seeks love, fame, and "A Million Likes" on MooTube. The story takes place on a farm where cows can sing, pigs can knit, and good friends are recognized and appreciated.

 This Adventure Includes...

  • Mini Movie:  Myrtle Over the Moon  

  • No-Bake Recipe: A few simple fixins’ and a slice of bread are all that's needed to make a treat that smiles back at its chef and makes no-bake cooking fun.   

  • Craft:: Make a chicken that actually clucks using just a plastic cup and a few other supplies. 

  • Craft: With paper plates and a few craft supplies, make a cow that can spin around the moon.    

  • Writing: Learn to write a story in 3 quick steps. Story structure is described and then kids are guided through the writing process as they create a story for the Plot Chickens Pop-Up. 

  • Pop-Up Palooza Craft/Writing: Kids have a great time creating and writing a chicken themed Pop-Up Book. 

  • Puppet Kit & Reader's Theater Script: Puppets optional but available! Perform the story of Myrtle over the Moon without props, scenery, or memorizing.

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