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The Adventure includes 1 Mini-Movie & 6 Activities.

Do you like fun, interactive game shows? SOFA SAFARI ADVENTURE is that and more. It’s a stress free, interactive game show that takes you on a safari without you having to leave your sofa! What animal eats upside down? How many hearts does an octopus have? These questions and more are answered and good sportsmanship is always on display.

 This Adventure Includes...

  • Mini Movie: Sofa Safari Game Show   

  • No-Bake Recipe: If you can shake a bag for 5-10 minutes, believe it or not, you can make tasty ice cream with just a few ingredients, some ice cubes, and this recipe.  

  • Craft: Surely, everyone needs binoculars when they go on an adventure. Toilet paper rolls and lots of creativity are all that are needed to make your own.

  • Craft: A ziplock bag, black and white construction paper, and markers are the main supplies needed to make this intriguing optical illusion craft.  

  • E-book/Game: This e-book has colorful pictures and a fun animal facts Trivia Game for kids.

  • Craft: Made from popsicle sticks, these fun spiders climb a “web” using friction and engineering.  

  • Guest Interview: See Jill interview Justin Grohan, a consultant with The Museum of Natural History who has a love of all things dinosaur related.

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