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Books by Jill Ross Nadler

(And one of her noms de plume Riley Roam) 

Hi there...

I’m Jill Ross Nadler and I really am a Storyologist!

When I’m not dreaming up magical videos or spinning stories on stage, I spend my time writing books for kids. 


Many of these books go along with the Seven-Way Story Adventures that are in my Adventure Library.

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Suggested Ages 6-9

Arthur C. Doyle, a Private Fly, unravels mysteries by interpreting emotions. In an exciting journey in THE CASE OF THE EMPATHY EMPANADA, Arthur and his sidekick Stella Spider search for a vanished empanada. They use empathy, inventions, and humor to guide young readers into understanding feelings.

Suggested Ages 4-7

Help is needed to break a spell or Beauty will sleep for 100 years! The story reader and listeners must help Storyologists Page Turner and Kenny as they convince Little Red Riding Hood to give up her cape, discover the secret under grandma’s bed, and climb a beanstalk to retrieve a golden spoon from a 10 foot tall giant!

Suggested Ages 4-7

Embark on a delightful journey with Moth and Sloth as their friendship faces challenges in the tropical rainforest. Explore themes of friendship, rhyme, opposites, habitat, camouflage, and symbiosis. Moth and Sloth teach valuable lessons about true friendship.

Suggested Ages 6-9

Join Bartholomew Balderdash and his pet chinchilla, Chi Chi, on a heartwarming journey in THE KINDNESS MACHINE ADVENTURE. Bartholomew aims to restore kindness to the kingdom with his invention. Through the smallest acts, he learns that kindness makes the biggest impact.

Suggested Ages 4-7

Dive into the controversy in the town of Mozzarella. In THE GREAT PIZZA CONTEST, Mayor Ann Chovi and her daughter Nan hold a competition to end a disagreement. Vincent Van Dough loves dough, and Leonardo Da Munchi adores sauce. Watch Nan resolve the culinary clash, teaching teamwork and conflict resolution.

Suggested Ages 4-8

Stevie is in a library and craves quiet but, Miss Understood, a magical librarian, wreaks havoc in this modern-day twist on an old Yiddish folktale.

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Heinemann Publishing  
Division of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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These titles are not available for direct purchase. They were commissioned for the Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Reader Series for schools.  

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