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Participants laugh and learn in Page Turner Adventures’ hands-on Workshops and Residences geared to teachers, librarians, afterschool staff, parents, and kids. The workshops can be presented either in-person or online

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Pop-Up Palooza

In this fun, hands-on workshop, kids will learn how to make their own pop-up books and will be empowered to see themselves as authors and illustrators! This workshop can include an author visit and read-aloud with author and presenter, Jill Ross Nadler.


Create-Your-Own Story Workshop

Kids will work directly with author and storyteller, Jill Ross Nadler to create an interactive story on the spot using music, props, and lots of imagination. Kids will come away with a basic understanding of the elements of a story and feel empowered to create their own tales. 


Juggling Workshop

Kids will have a ball as they learn the five “Ps” of Juggling (Patience, Practice, Persistence, Positive Attitude, and P-fun from a former Ringling Bros. Clown  Everyone will be juggling by the end of this fun, interactive workshop that includes a DIY Juggling Ball Craft. 



Residencies can include a mix of shows, workshops, and virtual programming for both children and adults. Watch the video of our residencies in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Creative Literacy Workshop

Participants will learn crafts, games, and storytelling activities that relate to children’s books.   This program is perfect for anyone interested in fun, creative ways to get kids excited about books and reading.


Storytelling Training for Adults

This workshop includes specific techniques for telling mesmerizing stories! It includes vocal techniques, body awareness, incorporating audience participation, and more. 


Creativity Workshop

Participants will roll up their sleeves and dive into play-based activities, exercises, improv games, storytelling activities, and crafts designed to unleash their inner creative genius. 

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