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Make a Vision Board With Kids

Updated: Jan 14

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope 2024 is off to an amazing start for you and your family and is filled with many huge smiles! 

Things in my world have been very interesting since I joined South Florida PBS as the KidVision Producer. It’s so much fun being on the set and I love working with this amazing team of people who are passionate about creating excellent educational content for kids. 

I’m mostly behind the scenes in my role as producer, but Page Turner will pop in for a guest appearance now and then as, of all things, a storyteller! (I know, you saw that coming.😍)

On the set with Miss Penny, host of KidVision on South Florida PBS.

Working with PBS has been a goal of mine for years. It’s taken many twists and turns to get here but I always held that vision even when it seemed like an impossibility. 


Goals are often talked about at the start of the New Year. There are so many strategies for setting and achieving goals, but one of my all time favorites is creating a vision board. 

A vision board is a visual representation of your goals created with images and words. They’re a great way to harness your imagination and help achieve your dreams. I have a vision board taped right above my desk where I see it every day. I even have a digital version that I use as a screen saver on my computer. 


PBS has a great post about creating “I Have A Dream” vision boards inspired by Martin Luther King. You can check it out HERE.


Several years ago, my friend Suzanne Ballard shared the Vision Board project she does every New Year’s Day with her four daughters and now I’m sharing it with you.

"It's amazing how just the act of collecting images gives you clarity about what you really want and starts to set your brain in motion," says Suzanne. 

A vision board is a great way for kids to be creative while learning about setting and achieving goals. As they choose images and words they start recognizing what they’re passionate about. This can motivate kids to have goals, achieve goals and develop a sense of purpose that will serve them throughout their lives. 



  • Cardstock or Poster Board (any size)

  • Glue sticks or double sided tape

  • Scissors

  • Markers, Glitter Glue, Stickers (optional)

  • Lots of old magazines, catalogs, travel brochures, etc. 

  • Internet and Canva images can also be a great source of inspiration. I suggest printing out physical copies if possible 

  • Words and quotes can also be created and printed out or drawn on with markers 


 1. Ask your kids to think of some goals that they'd like to accomplish, things they'd like to have, and places they want to go. They can also think about words or phrases that have meaning for them.


2. Encourage kids to go through magazines and start cutting out images that represent that goal, or anything that speaks to them. Things they never thought might come up. 


3. Encourage kids to lay out the images on the card stock before they start gluing. Overlapping is fine!


4. Glue or tape images onto the card stock.

5. Add words, thoughts, and decoration with markers, glitter glue, and stickers. (optional)


6. Hang the vision board where kids can see it every day. 

Note: Canva and Pinterest are great ways to create digital vision boards. But there is nothing like the tactile experience of cutting, pasting, and taping images and words. 

I hope you enjoy this project! 

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