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Storyologists Page Turner and Kenny must save the Once Upon a Time Machine in EVERGLADES ADVENTURE. In order to accomplish this, they will have to travel through the River of Grass interpreting clues and solving riddles about the Everglades. As they encounter panthers, alligators and manatees they find that having help makes all the difference.

The Activities in the Adventure include:

  • Mini Movie:  Everglades Adventure

  • No-Bake Recipe:   Combine a banana, sprinkles and some imagination to make a Unicorn Horn! 

  • Craft: With a paper plate, paint, and a toilet paper tube, dinosaurs are brought back from extinction.

  • Game: Cooperation and friendship are the key to this game. Kids balance rubber ducks on their heads. If the duck falls off the player freezes until another player comes to their rescue.

  • Craft:  HISSSSS...A paper towel tube and some paint are all that are needed to create colorful coiled snakes.

  •  Pop-Up Palooza Craft/Writing: Kids write short stories after making these Mini-Pop-Up Books created from index cards.

  • Craft: Kids make jumping frogs using index cards and a few simple craft supplies.

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