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Felix the Flea wants to join a Flea Circus. But when his emotions get the best of him, Page and Kenny decide to put on an actual circus to show him the ropes. They’re joined by some special guests including a real jumping spider, and Jonathan Lee Iverson, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Ringmaster!

The Activities in the Adventure include:

  • Mini Movie: The Smallest Show on Earth

  • No-Bake Recipe:  All you need is some granola and a tortilla to make a delicious snack that will fit in your pocket.

  • Craft: Mark your place in a favorite book with these clown bookmarks made from empty cereal boxes and craft foam.

  • Game: In this fun, interactive game kids practice recognizing what someone else is feeling.

  •  Pop-Up Palooza Craft:  Kids make a Pop-Up Birthday Card that is sure to generate smiles and can have as many candles as needed.

  • Quick Spark: This short, entertaining video demonstrates how different words can describe different degrees of the same feeling.

  • Sing-Along: Kids can Sing-Along & dance to the music from The Smallest Show on Earth.

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