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Page Turner Adventures’ shows combine Theater, Storytelling, Comedy, Circus, and Music in one-of-a-kind productions that take audience participation to a whole new level. From their seats, kids become the main character in the story, interacting directly with the actors, solving problems, and overcoming obstacles. By the end of the show, kids are transformed into Storyologists empowered to become readers, writers, and the hero of their own story. 

Page Turner Adventures’ productions have been seen at Performing Art Centers nationwide including The Kravis Center, The Broward Center, The Woodlands, The Wolftrap Children’s Theater in the Woods, The Danny Kaye Theater, and many more. 

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THIS IS FOR YOU IF.._edited.png
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"Page Turner Adventures activates children's bodies, fascinates their minds and frees their creativity. A must for kids, parents, and teachers!" 

-Shelly Bradshaw, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"The Show was excellent! We can't wait to have you back!"

Steve Baily, The Delaware Grand Opera House, Wilmington, Delaware

"Just when I thought there were no innovative performers to be found, along comes Page Turner Adventures to prove that talent, inventiveness, originality, and animation still exist. You and your show are pure enjoyment!"

-Karen Dunne, Pine Crest School,       Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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The Magnificent Circus Mystery 

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A steamer trunk, a mysterious book, and a hat belonging to Harry Houdini begin this outrageous show filled with magic, juggling, unicycling and physical comedy. The audience must solve clues, overcome obstacles, predict, infer, and figure out a ninety-year-old-secret as they help to create the story from beginning to end.

Based on real characters, the kids in the audience are empowered to write about people and events in their own lives, while discovering how authors develop story ideas.

Grades: 3rd-5th

Curriculum Connections: Writing, Story Structure, Character Arc, Predicting, Inference, Author’s Intent, Theme, Setting, Character, Conflict, Theater Arts, Fiction/Non-fiction.

The Mixed-Up Fairytale

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Everyone in the audience participates  in this comical quest to break a spell placed on Sleeping Beauty.  Along the way, the kids must persuade Red Riding Hood to give up her cape, discover the secret under grandma’s bed, and retrieve a golden spoon from a REAL 10 foot tall giant! Kids will recognize their favorite storybook characters in this hilarious fractured fairytale. A companion book by Jill Ross Nadler is available on Amazon.

Grades: pre-k-3rd

Curriculum Connections: Storytelling, Sequencing, Problem-Solving, Plot, Character, Setting, Story Structure

The Great Pizza Contest

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Audience members are transformed into the citizens of Mozzarella and help Mayor Ann Chovi decide who makes the best pizza in town—Vincent Van Dough or Leonardo Da Munchi. The kids’ ideas are brought to life instantaneously as they’re incorporated directly into the story. Hilarity is delivered in this tasty tale of conflict resolution based on the book by Jill Ross Nadler. This companion book is available on Amazon.

Grades: pre-k-3rd & 3rd-5th

Curriculum Connections: Problem-Solving, Conflict Resolution, Storytelling, Beginning-Middle-End, Setting, Character, Plot

$2,500 Plus Travel Expenses

for Two Shows on One Day


$6,000 Plus Travel Expenses

for Two Shows on One Day


For information about booking Theater or School Shows 

contact Lisa Nadel at

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