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The Adventure includes 1 Mini-Movie & 6 Activities.

Join Bartholomew Balderdash and his pet chinchilla, Chi Chi, on a heartwarming journey in THE KINDNESS MACHINE ADVENTURE. Bartholomew aims to restore kindness to the kingdom with his invention. Through the smallest acts, he learns that kindness makes the biggest impact.

 This Adventure Includes...

  • Mini Movie: Bartholomew Balderdash and the Kindness Machine

  • Craft:This paper creation has lots of names but we prefer to call it a Kindness Catcher. Part craft and part game, we hope it inspires you to perform Random Acts of Kindness.

  • No-Bake Recipe: Cream cheese, jam, and graham crackers are mixed together in this delicious no-bake cupcake treat.

  • Puppet Kit & Reader's Theater Script: Puppets optional but available! Without props, scenery, or memorization, perform a story about Bartholomew and his acts of kindness. 

  • E-book: Read about how Bartholomew and his pet Chi Chi learn that small acts of kindness are can be very meaningful. 

  • Writing Activity: Learn to write a story in 3 quick steps. Story structure is described and demonstrated and then kids are guided through the writing process as they create a story.

  • Audiobook: Listen to how Bartholomew and his pet Chi Chi come to understand the importance of small acts of kindness. 

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