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The Adventure includes 1 Mini-Movie & 6 Activities.

Seymour the Sea Slug thinks he’s not up to the task of competing in the contest in the OCEAN’S GOT TALENT ADVENTURE. When he compares himself to the other contestants, all he sees are their abilities and his own weaknesses. He needs to develop confidence and learn to appreciate his abilities in this ocean-themed musical talent show about recognizing and embracing one’s strengths.

 This Adventure Includes...

  • Mini Movie: The Ocean's Got Talent   

  • No-Bake Recipe: Mandarin oranges, graham crackers and a few other ingredients combine to create crabby cuties.

  • Craft: With a few coffee filters and some washable markers, kids can create colorful tie-dye ocean creatures that can be displayed as a mobile.  

  • Guest Interview: Join Page Turner as she visits with Chelsea Bennice aka Octo-girl, one of the world’s preeminent experts on octopuses.

  • Craft: Using one old sock and some new imagination, an eight-legged puppet comes to life. This craft is good for the “sole”.  

  •  Pop-Up Palooza Craft/Writing:  Kids make an ocean themed Pop-Up card that is perfect to share with friends. 

  • Quick Spark: This short, entertaining video highlights the importance of recognizing and valuing your own abilities.

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