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Welcome to Page Turner's

Adventure Library

Your Summer Reading Support System and Go-To-Spot for Fantastic Content

Reading and Writing Muscles

Imagination and Creativity

Kids' Emotional Intelligence

Meaningful Conversations

Different Learning Styles

A Magical Online Portal Filled with… 

Virtual Shows, Video Stories, Ebooks, Crafts, Recipes, Games, 
Puppet Kits, Field Trips, Writing Activities, Author Visits,
Reader’s Theater Scripts and more to make your 
Summer Reading Program SOAR! 🚀

An Exciting ADVENTURE for Kids at Home!

  • Captivating Adventure Videos for Your Home Learning:
    Need an exciting visual experience to enhance your child's learning at home? Our adventure videos will keep your little learners engaged and entertained, making education a joyous journey!

  • Comprehensive Creative Programs:
    Looking for complete solutions to keep your kids entertained and learning effectively? Our creative programs are designed to spark imagination and foster learning, tailored perfectly for young minds at home.

  • Easy Craft Ideas with Ready-to-Use Handouts:
    Simplify your home craft activities with our ready-to-use handouts and instructional videos. It’s hassle-free creativity right at your fingertips, perfect for busy parents or focused homeschooling.

  • Exciting Supplemental Activities:
    Enhance your child’s education with our diverse range of content, including original shows, stories, audiobooks, no-bake recipes, ebooks, puppet kits, games, music videos, coloring sheets, virtual field trips, reader’s theater scripts, and more! These resources are designed to support and enrich any curriculum, making learning fun and comprehensive.

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7- Way Story Elements

A vibrant full-color E-BOOK available as a flipbook or downloadable PDF.
Video: Immerse in a mini-movie experience with live action, animation, and narration.
Video Stories
Audiobook: Experience the enchanting tale of BARTHOLOMEW BALDERDASH AND THE KINDNESS MACHINE through a captivating full cast
Puppet Show & Reader’s Theater Kit: Encourage creativity with printable puppets and a script, allowing kids to act out or re-
Puppet Kits
Write a Story 1-2-3 Guide: Inspire young minds to create their fairytales with this guide inspired by Bartholomew Balderdash.
Writing Guides
SMARTS & CRAFT Kindness Catchers Craft Video: Kids blend fun and kindness in this game-like craft project.
NO-BAKE Cupcakes Recipe Video: Delight in making sweet treats inspired by Chef Cannoli's cupcakes.
7 Elements Work Together Like The Gears of a Storytelling Machine

Seven-Way Stories

Gear List Point

BOOST Kids' Emotional Intelligence

Gear List Point

BUILD Reading And Writing Muscles

Gear List Point

IGNITE Imagination and Creativity

Gear List Point

SPARK Meaningful Conversations

Gear List Point

ENGAGE Different Learning Styles

Gear List Point

Explore  Seven-Way Story Adeventures

Discover 7 Elements to Fuel Learning, Imagination, and Creativity
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